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Now just Svengoolie!

Son of Svengoolie was the host of horror movies for WFLD channel 32 in Chicago for six and a half years, from 1979 - 1986. The Son of Svengoolie show won three consecutive local Chicago Emmy awards as Best Entertainment Series for the years 1980, 1981,1982. Sven himself is played by Rich Koz.

It all started with the original Svengoolie,  played by Jerry G. Bishop, who hosted the WFLD show Screaming Yellow Theater in 1970. A young man by the name of Rich Koz , a drama student at Northwestern University, was a big fan. Koz wrote a letter to Bishop that included comedy material for the show. Bishop used the material and soon asked for more. Soon after Koz would be found doing more writing, as well as artwork and voices for the show.

In 1973, Screaming Yellow Theater was cancelled . Bishop and Koz, continued to work together for a time. Then Jerry Bishop moved to L.A. . Before leaving Chicago, Bishop gave Koz the permission to use the name Son of Svengoolie, should he get the chance to do his own show.

In 1979, WFLD, Channel 32 , held auditions for a new horror host. Son of Svengoolie came to life ! The show originally aired on Friday nights at 8:00. Later the time slot was moved to Saturday afternoons from 3:00 to 5:00, where the show was very successful .

The Show included several regular characters. Mainly the piano player Doug Graves. Doug accompanied Sven, when he sang song parodies. The show also featured, Zallman T. Tombstone, a talking skull that appears out of nowhere, and Durwood the ventriloquist dummy. Durwood was a member of the original Svengoolie show, but would only drop in every once in awhile on Son of Svengoolie.

Sven just loved rubber chickens, making fun of the Chicago suburb Berwyn, singing song parodies, reading viewer mail, " Thank you, for all those cards and letters " , and most of all BAD jokes.

In Jan. 1986, after six and a half years, Son of Svengoolie went off the air. WFLD had been bought by the Fox Network. News was a priority and that left no budget for local entertainment shows. Koz was told that Sven was " just a local show ... not suitable for a network " . BAH !

Sven returns ! Rubber chickens and all ! Now he is no longer Son of Svengoolie, and just goes by Svengoolie.  Jerry G. Bishop claims, hes all grown up. Watch Svengoolie on WCIU channel 26 in Chicago !


Old promotional postcard for Chicago lands version of Creature Features AKA Son of Svengoolie!

You can e-mail Svengoolie by clicking on the above promo carD !

This picture of Svengoolie was taken at the 1999 ReznHedz Model and Toy Show on April 11th 1999 at the Hillside Holiday Inn in Chicago. Sven was nice enough to sign my copy of the book Television Horror  Movie Hosts and the promo card at the top of this page. He mentioned that people have told him he should write a book, and I said "you really should, I for one would be sure to read it!" If you agree, e-mail Sven and let him know. What a great ghoul, we here at The Creature's Tomb wish Svengoolie many many more years of  spooktacular success !

If you would like to see the ad for the above mentioned ReznHedz show, just click here !


You have heard them on the show, and now you can hear them here! These are just a few examples of the hilarious drop ins that Sven has used on his show over the years!

Just click on the wav you would like to hear!








Custom action figure created by the Horror of the Svengoolies webmaster, Delphar 7 !

Svengoolie showed my custom figure on his show Sat. 3/11/00, what a fangtastic ghoul !!!



I recently received an e-mail from a very nice woman thanking me for running a Son of Svengoolie site. It was the kind of e-mail that makes me proud to run The Horror of the Svengoolies website. You see, I don't only run this site for me, not by far, I run it for all the people out there who grew up on, and still love the great Svengoolie! This e-mail came at the perfect time, as I was planning on adding a page to this site dedicated to the fans. For now, we will feature Heather right here, but I would like to encourage all you Svengoolie fans to send me your pictures with Sven and/or your stories about meeting him, and/or your Svengoolie memories, and, if and when I get more fan submissions, I will add a special fan page!

Ok, enough of my rambling, lets get to Heather and her Svengoolie connection.....

In 1984 the Son of Svengoolie Show held a contest called "Sven's Summer Sail." A young girl by the name of Heather Stewart entered the contest, and yep, you guessed it, she was one of the winners! Heather says "It was so cool! I was his youngest winner (12 years old at the time) and he did a quick interview with the oldest and the youngest"

So, what did Heather have to do to win the contest you ask? Well, in her own words, "You entered the contest by supplying an ending to the statement "My summer was so miserable that...." and sending it into the studio. Sven was always making fun of Alan Thicke and the talk show that he hosted. So, thinking that I was being oh so clever, I wrote in "My summer's so miserable that the Alan Thicke show is my favorite late night TV show." Well, it must have worked because the rest, as they say, is history"

Well Heather, yes, your entry did indeed work, and I am sure every Sven fan would agree that your entry was well worth the win! You are certainly part of Svengoolie history! Congrats once again on your 1984 summer with Sven, and thank you for being our first Rubber Chicken Fanatic here at The Horror of the Svengoolies website!



NOTE: Heather gets extra props for mentioning "Gamera the flying turtle" in one of her e-mails. Any fan of both Sven and Gamera is A1 in this ghouls book! : ) 

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