The time has come for
scary things,

like monsters, ghosts
and vampire wings.

With horrible movies all
drippy and drooly,

and horrible jokes like me......


The Svengoolie family legacy began in 1970 on WFLD T.V. in Chicago IL., when a fellow by the name of Jerry G. Bishop did voice-overs for the Friday night horror films being shown on Screaming Yellow Theater. Bishop was doing voice work for the show, and was heard but not seen. Soon the station added slides of Bishop as Svengoolie, and eventually evolved into video taped segments.

Every show would open with a guest celebrity coffin opener, who would sign his guest book and then pry his coffin open. Some of the more well known were Gabriel Kapplin (Welcome Back Kotter) and Jay North (Dennis the Menace). The show would close with Svengoolie reading some crazy poem, and then lying back into his coffin while being pelted by rubber chickens. Svens coffin evolved from a plain wooden coffin in the beginning, to a more elaborate psychedelic looking coffin that had his image ablazed upon it. The Screaming Yellow Theater theme song was the song Rumble by Link Wray, with a horrifying scream over-dub. Very creepy. This song was later used on early episodes of the Son of Svengoolie show.

Svengoolie could be seen doing parody bits such as Svengoolie Street, in which one episode he pointed out how a noose is shaped like the letter O, and then there was Mad Man Sven, a shady car salesman, The Galloping Ghoulmet, a cooking show with recipes only a true ghoul could enjoy, and of course the many products offered by his company S.T.D. ( Sham, Trickery and deceit). Sven would also break out in song, either playing his acoustic guitar, or playing his piano, and what hilarious songs they were.

Svengoolie also had some ghoulish friends! Mainly Zelda, who was a talking skull with a crazy wig and a rough screeching voice. Then there was Durwood the ventriloquist dummy "They like it, but they don't get it", who later became a part of the Son of Svengoolie cast. Zelda would sometimes do song duets with Sven ouuuuuuch!

If you are not familiar with the original Svengoolie, but are a fan of  The Son of Svengoolie, then you would have loved the original too. A lot of the atmosphere, soundbites, props and song parodies seen on the "Son of" , such as BERWYN?! and the rubber chickens, originated on the original Svengoolies Screaming Yellow Theater show, whom Rich Koz ( Son of Svengoolie ) was a part of at one time.

Screaming Yellow Theater was cancelled in 1973. Kaiser Broadcasting brought in their horror host The Ghoul, but he only lasted six months. Bishop and Koz worked for WMAQ for a time, and then Bishop moved to L.A. and now owns restaurants and DJs a morning radio program. The cancelation of Screaming Yellow Theater was sad time for Chicagoland ghouls, but not for long ........ (See the Son of Svengoolie page for more on the Svengoolie legacy)

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