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  1. A short Horror Film by

    1. Sal Ciavarello


Catherine (Nina Garbiras) attempts to avoid the "Blue Shadows" in Sal Ciavarello's supernatural Horror Film.



Shot on 16mm film back in 1994, photography was not completed until '97. The film was screened in New York City and shortly thereafter the short was acquired by EI Independent Cinema.

It is scheduled to be released by EI's Shock-O-Rama label this October of 2001. "Blue Shadows" will be part of a collection of shorts including Douglas Buck's "Home" in the upcoming VHS and DVD entitled Cutting Moments 2.

The blood thristy work of the monstrous devils that rise out of the moonlit shadows.

Debra (Patricia O'Neil) is about to make the biggest mistake in her life.

Nina Garbiras later came to play a role in George A. Romero's film "Bruiser" out on DVD in October 2001 as well.

Nina also had a major starring role in the short lived TV series "The $treet" (also starring Jennifer Connelly, Argento's Creepers/Phenomena)

    Coming to Home Video & DVD


    "BlueShadows" CopyRight 1999. Sal Ciavarello Profound Images.









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