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Laura Aime, 17
Disappeared: Oct 31,1974, Lehi, Utah

Found:Nov 27,1974 in the Wasatch Mountains

Laura had stood nearly 6 ft tall and weighed a mere 115 lbs, and felt very insecure of her "awkward," bony appearance. She'd dropped out of high school and moved in with friends while working small jobs. She was referred to as a drifter looking for something to grasp in life. She talked to her parents daily, but wasn't missed until 4 days after Halloween. She had gone to a cafe on Halloween night and, bored with the activity there, left around midnight and headed to a park. She was found a month later on the bank of a river in the Wasatch Mountains. Her face was beaten beyond recognition and she was found nude. She had been strangled and apparently beaten with an iron crowbar or prybar. Like Melissa Smith, she had been sexually assaulted. She had been drinking just enough to be intoxicated, but not so much that she couldn't scream, run or fight back.Bundy confessed to her murder before his execution.
Carol DaRonch, 18

Attacked: Nov 8,1974, Salk Lake City, Utah

It was a rainy day when 18 yr old Carol DaRonch left home around 6:30 pm and headed towards a Murray shopping mall. She was a very striking girl, with large doe eyes and long dark hair. She was living at home and working for the Mountain Bell Telephone Company. While at the mall, she ran into some cousins and visited with them for a while. Then she made a purchase and went off to Waldens Books. As she was looking through some books, a handsome, well dressed man approached her. He asked if she'd parked near Sears, and she said yes. He asked for her license number and she gave it to him. He then told her that someone had tried to break into her car, and she needed to come take a look. Young and trusting, Carol DaRonch didn't even wonder how he'd found her. He had an authorititave air that made her assume he was a security guard or officer. She followed him quietly out of the building, but felt a sudden apprehension as they headed out into the rainy night. She asked him for some ID, and he only laughed, making her feel stupid for bothering. They got to her car, and nothing was missing. He then told her she needed to come to the station to see if she knew the suspect. After much hesitation, she follwed him to a side building which he told her was a sub station. [it was the back door of a laundry mat]He said the suspect must have been taken to headquearters. He then co-erced her into going to "headquarters." It wasn't until they were in his Volkswagon that she smelled alcohol on his breath. When he told her to put on her seatbelt, she said no, and was ready to jump, but he'd already driven off and was going very fast. She realized he was heading away from the police station. Suddenly he screeched to a halt and tried to handcuffed her, but in the struggle, connected both cuffs to the same wrist. As they struggled, he pulled out a small gun and threatened her with it. She fell out of the door into the sodden earth, and got up as he came at her with a crowbar. He threw her up against the car, and in a sheer adreneline rush brought on by utter terror, Carol DaRonch broke free from her attacker and ran wildly to the road. An older couple came upon her just in time and took the terrified girl to the police station. She was their first living, breathing victim.
Debby Kent, 17

Disappeared: Nov 8,1975 Bountiful, Utah
Found: Never
Debby was a pretty girl, with long brown hair parted in the middle. Her father was recovering from a heart attack, and the night of Nov.8, he was feeling well enough to attend a high school play with Debby and her mother. They dropped her younger brother off at the local skating rink and went on to the high school. Debby called the skating rink at intermission to let her brother know the play wouldn't end until well after 10, then returned to her seat. She offered to pick up her brother while her parents stayed behind at the school, and hurried away to the parking lot around 10:30 pm. Several people who lived near the school later admitted to hearing 2 short, terrified screams between 10:30 and 11. They described them as coming from someone in "mortal terror." They even walked outside and stared into the darkness, hoping to find the source. They saw nothing, and they reported nothing. Debby's brother waited at the rink while the crowds thinned at the high school, leaving her irritated parents waiting til midnight. When they realized theirs was the only car left in the parking lot, they immediately called the Bountiful police, who were all to familiar with the recent disappearances in nearby towns. Later, a father told police he'd arrived late at the play and saw a light colored VW bug racing away from the school. A small handcuff key was found in the parking lot, one that fit the cuffs Carol DaRonch had brought in. Nothing else was turned up. Debby Kent's family faced a tragic, heart broken Christmas, along with Melissa Smith's and Laura Aime's families.Bundy confessed to her murder before his execution.
Caryn Campbell, 23

Disappeared: Jan 12, 1976 Wildwood Inn, Aspen, Colorado
Found: Feb 18, 1975 Owl Creek Road, Aspen Colorado

Caryn was a registered nurse from Farmington, Michigan,and stood 5 ft 4 with long brown hair. She was engaged to a cardiologist who was 9 yrs older than her, and got along well with his 2 children. They had gone to Aspen to combine a medical seminar with a vacation. Caryn hadn't been feeling well on January 12th, and had argued with her fiancee about the date of their marriage. She wanted to marry soon, he was in no hurry to rush into a second marriage. Even though she had a slight case of the flu, Caryn took the kids skiing and sightseeing while their father attended the seminar. Later they ate dinner with friends, then returned to the inn where they were staying. They settled in the lounge, and Caryn remembered a magazine she'd left in their room, and went to retrieve it. After she had been gone a while, her fiancee went to find her. She wasn't in the room, she wasn't anywhere to be found. He searched frantically for her and soon brought the police into it. She'd simply vanished into thin air. He had to pack and fly home with his children, but kept waiting for a call from Caryn, explaining why she'd walked away from them. She never called. On February 18th, she was found in a snowbank off of Owl Creek Rd, not far from the inn where she had been vacationing. She lay in the bloodstained snowbank nude, battered and cut. It was highly likely that she was raped.Bundy confessed to her murder before his execution.

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