THIS is the Book of the Conjuration of the Watcher, for formulae as I received them from the Scribe of ENKI, Our Master and Lord of All Magick. Great care must be taken that this untamed Spirit does not rise up against the Priest, and for that reason a preliminary sacrifice must be made in a clean and new bowl with the appropriate sigils inscribed thereupon, being the three grey carven signs of the Rock of my initiation, which are:

They must be engraved upon the bowl with a fine stylus, or painted thereon with dark ink. The sacrifice must be new bread, pine resin, and the grass Olieribos. These must be burned in the new bowl, and the Sword of the Watcher, with his Sigil engraved thereupon, at hand, for he will inhabit such at the time of the Calling of the Watcher and will depart when he is given license to depart.

The Watcher comes from a Race different from that of Men and yet different from that of the Gods, and it is said that he was with KINGU and his hordes at the time of the War between the Worlds, but was dissatisfied and did cleave unto the Armies of Lord MARDUK.

Wherefore it is wise to conjure It in the Names of the Three Great Watchers Who existed before the Confrontation from whose borne the Watcher and His Race ultimately derive, and those Three are ANU, ENLIL, and Master ENKI of the Magick Waters. And for this reason They are sometimes called the Three Watchers, MASS SSARATI and the Watcher MASS SSARATU, or KIA MASS SSARATU.

And the Watcher appears sometimes as a great and fierce Dog, who prowls about the Gate or the Circle, frightening away the idimmu who forever lurk about the barriers, waiting for sacrifice. And the Watcher aloft the Sword of Flames, and even the Elder Gods are awed thereby. And sometimes the Watcher appears as a Man in A long Robe, shaven, with eyes that never lose their stare. And the Lord of the Watchers dwells, it is said, among the Wastes of the IGIGI, and only Watches and never raises the Sword or fights the idimmi, save when the Covenant is invoked by none less than the Elder Gods in their Council, like unto the Seven Glorious APHKHALLU.

And sometimes the Watcher appears as the Enemy, ready to devour the Priest who has erred in the incantations, or omitted the sacrifice, or acted in defiance of the Covenant, for which acts the very Elder Gods cannot forbid that silent Race from exacting its toll. And it is said that some of that Race lie waiting for the Ancient Ones to once more rule the Cosmos, that they may be given the right hand of honour, and that such as these are lawless. This is what is said.

When the time has come to summon the Watcher the first time, the place of thy calling must be clean, and a double circle of flour drawn about thee. And there should be no altar, but only the new Bowl with the three carven signs on it. And the Conjuration of the Fire should be made, and the sacrifices heaped thereupon, into the burning bowl. And the Bowl is now called AGA MASS SSARATU, and to be used for no other purpose, save to invoke the Watcher.

And the bowl must be lain between the Circles, facing the Northeast.
And thy vestments should be black, and thy cap black.
And the Sword must be at hand, but not yet in the ground.
And it must be the Darkest Hour of the Night.
And there must be no light, save for the AGA MASS SSARATU.
And the Conjuration of the Three must be made, thus:


And this special Conjuration may be made at any time the Priest feels he is in danger, whether his life or his spirit, and the Three Watchers and the One Watcher will rush to his aid.

This being said, at the words IDS MASS SSARATU the Sword must be thrust into the ground behind the AGA MASS SSARATU with force. And the Watcher will appear for the instructions to be made by the Priest.

This Invocation is to be made during the course of any Ceremony when it is necessary to summon the Watcher to preside over the outer precincts of the Circle or Gate. The Sword is to be thrust into the ground as before, in the Northeast section, but the AGA MASS SSARATU is not necessary LEST THOU HAST NOT MADE SACRIFICE TO THINE WATCHER IN THE SPACE OF ONE MOON in which case it is necessary to sacrifice to It anew whether in that Ceremony or at some other, earlier.

Raise the Copper Dagger of INANNA of the Calling, and declaim the Invocation in a clear voice, be it loud or soft:

I conjure Thee by the Fire of GIRRA
The Veils of Sunken Varloorni,
And by the Lights of SHAMMASH.
I call Thee here, before me, in visible shadow
In beholdable Form, to Watch and Protect this Sacred Circle, this Holy Gate of (N.)
May He of the Name Unspeakable, the Number Unknowable,
Whom no man hath seen at any time,
Whom no geometer measureth,
Whom no wizard hath ever called
Rise up, by ANU I summon Thee!
Rise up, by ENLIL I summon Thee!
Rise up, by ENKI I summon Thee!
Cease to be the Sleeper of EGURRA.
Cease to lie unwaking beneath the Mountains of KUR.
Rise up, from the pits of ancient holocausts!
Rise up, from the old Abyss of NARR MARRATU!
Come, by ANU!
Come, by ENLIL!
Come, by ENKI!
In the Name of the Covenant, Come and Rise up before me!


At this point, the Watcher will surely come and stand outside the Gate or Circle until such time as he is given the license to depart by striking of the Priest's left hand on the hilt of the Sword, while pronouncing the formula BARRA MASS SSARATU! BARRA!

Thou mayest not depart thine sacred precincts until the Watcher has been given this license, else he will devour thee. Such are the laws.

And he care not what he Watches, only that he obey the Priest.

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