Keeba, the mistress of tombstones, showed us all the mystic ways of creating that perfect tombstone

Keeba's Bag (toolbox) of Tricks

Start by drilling the holes. Nothing worst that finishing a beautiful headstone and drilling through the front of it!

Keeba explains her carving technique.

Special FX needed more room


Spirit Wahini really getting into it

Mistress Celynn

Christine and Spirit Wahini

Keeba an her butane

Just lightly to give it that 'natural' look

Round the edges with a knife to make it look more realistic

A man and his toys

Wahini and Celynn working hard

Proud artist (looks like all it needs is a coat of paint)

Keeba explaining finishing techniques
(Christine in the background)

KKrazyKaren showing off her tombstone

This woman seems to have a fixation

Chili hard at work

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