DC Electric Motors

An "electric motor" spins round and around when you feed it a little power.


What is an electric motor, and why should I care?

It goes round and around and around. Don't you like that?


Gallery of assorted electric motor pictures


DC Motors

A "DC motor" is designed to operate on direct current. This may be some form of battery, or a DC power supply that runs off of line voltage.

The simplest and least expensive DC motors are "permanent magnet" motors.

This is the smallest D.C. permanent magnet motor in my parts box. It has a tiny eccentric weight attached to the shaft. This assembly is used in cell phones and pagers to implement the "vibrate" alert function.

This page from the All Electronics catalog (#103, Winter 2003) shows some DC motors.


DC Gearmotors

A "DC Gearmotor" is simply a
DC Motor with an attached gearbox. The gearbox usually converts a fast motor with limited torque into a slow output with increased torque.

Here's a D.C. gearmotor from my junk box.

This page from the All Electronics catalog (#103, Winter 2003) shows some DC gearmotors.


Choosing a motor for a project

When looking for a motor for use in a project, there are several things to consider:

Where can I buy one?

Electric motors are electronic construction parts. Don't expect to find then at Sears or ordinary stereo shops.

Look in stores that cater to electronic experimenters, such as:

Electric motors may be used in appliances and tools. Some folks use the guts of battery-operated drills to build robot drive systems.


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