Click on the pictures for a larger view


1- Shows plywood being Painted Black, Both sides.

2- Masking tape in place, for brick design. (Not Shown, Cut top of wood

if you want that *Castle Look*.


3- Another Angle of Tape.


4- Monster Mud being Applied THICKLY, at least 1/4" deep, or more, so the

Mud Cracks as it dries.



5- Plywood Completely covered.


6- Remove Tape Carefully.


7- Place in Sun on warm, dry day to dry completely. Should start

cracking soon.



8- Close up of Test piece that shows Cracks in the mud.

*Important Tip!! Mix up all your Mud in advance to make certain colors

match (the mud gets lighter as it dries). We only had to touch up the

corners with gray paint once the wall was screwed onto the frame & seal

all With Thompson's Water Sealer.

You can also add vines (we'll do that next year), shading with a sponge

(next year), Natural or painted Moss (also next year), for whatever aged

look you need.

We also used this technique over foam & more plywood in the crypt. It

*feels* more like stone walls.

Instructions to make Monster Mud Should be Found at the

*Monster List of Projects*.



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