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So,   Ya   Wanna   Be   Ugly...

First, a lot of people think it takes alot of money to get really good make-up effects, NOT TRUE !!

Here is a small list of things to buy:
(key word is "cheap")

1) a cheap free standing mirror
2) cheap "liquid foundation" make-up (like "Wet N Wild")..yes guys actual with it !
3) Liquid's cheap, get alot.Trust me you don't have enough...LOL.
4) a cheap color make-up kit.(or just buy the colors you want)
5) popcicle sticks...get them at a craft store, or just eat alot of cheap popcicles.
6) lots & lots of blood...this is this case sometimes the cheap stuff looks like red water. choose carefully. You want the stuff that looks like blood.
7) Blood's sometimes cheap, sometimes not, but you don't use much, so you have it for next year.
8) Cheap scar kit...I spent a whole $1.50 on mine, and I still use it 3 halloweens later.
9) Cheap'll need this to make it easier to get the latex off...TRUST ME.

O.K. Thats all you NEED...make sure you buy the CHEAP stuff, unless you see something you just have to buy.It never hurts to have a cheap messy wig around.

Add what ever you want, be creative..but most of all..HAVE FUN !!!!


First, I start by putting a coat of latex on my face (and neck) wherever I want scars. after it starts to get "tacky" I'll stick my cheap scars where I want them. It's cheaper than spirit gum & spirit gum remover, & works rather well...

Then, I'll put another coat of latex over everything(well not on the "bloody" part of the scar)

Next,to help blend everything in,and add texture,I'll put single torn strips of toilet paper(yes, I said toilet paper) over the "tacky" latex. This gives a 'nasty skin' look, but you can also use strips of gauze for a 'mummy' look.

After that, just keep repeating the last couple of steps until it's all nasty lookin'.

Now, use the make-up to create your face...use your imagiation,if you just "died" use the foundation. If you've been dead awile use the colors...mix them together for some truely ugly colors.(I use cheap Q-tips for mixing and applying)

Now for the fun part(Boo hates watching this, pinch some places of the latex(like your cheek) and pull it back to make some really cool skin tears.I make little pockets and fill them with blood so I can "squeeze" it out later, and freak people out.(and win stuff at bars..hehehe)

Use The blood gel in the scars, it stays "wet" looking even after the fake blood dries.

Thats it for the basics, the more time you take the more "professional" the effects.
I use the popcicle sticks to make my brows stick out. (ape-man like, or skeleton like). Just bend them to the shape you want,they break as they bend, but who cares,you'll cover them up with the TP and latex.I use Duct Tape to secure them to my face before I start anything else.YES DUCT TAPE, I'm a man and happen to love this stuff !! Plus it won't peel off until I want it to,just don't stick it to your eyebrows...OUCH !!

Thats the basics to be Ugly folks, make sure you put your costume on first,unless it doesn't have to go over your head.

Have fun, experiment, you can't go wrong.

Keep some fake blood with you to "refresh".

Make sure that when you take the make-up off (COLD CREAM!!!!) to clean off your scars,and dry them off,so you have them for next year.

This Is basically what I do,but, I obsess over it and spend a couple of hours. Hey, it's got me alot of free stuff, and compliments.

New Tip!
Borrowed from the movie Interview With a Vampire..
This is used by itself- not with the above mentioned technique!
Hang upside-down for a few minutes- from the couch, from the bed- until some veins in your face & neck start to bulge ever so slightly. Have a friend lightly trace & highlight your veins with a blue eyeliner pencil. Then blend a little here & there with blue eyeshadow- whiten your face with make-up (this should be done before the vein-ing, but some of us don't have protruding veins!) minimal effort, & zombie or vampy looking in no time!

~บบ~ Special Effects ~บบ~

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Got any below to send me mail.


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