What You Will Need:

Cottage Cheese container with Lid
Leftover Coffee
White Glue
Stir Stick or spoon
Small Paint Brushes
Potty Paper or Snot Rag

Fill the cottage cheese container about 2/3ís full of cornstarch and add COLD coffee a little at a time until you can just barely stir it. (roughly 1/2 cup) Make sure there are no dry spots. Then add about 6 oz or so of White Glue and stir well. The mix should be about the consistency of warm honey.

Fill carton 2/3's full of Cornstarch Really Thick!! Now, the consistency of Warm Honey

Now, you need to condense your coffee WAY DOWN.

This is what gives my Mummies they're lovely skin color.

Leftover coffee boil it hardCondense it WAY DOWN!!

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