Casting II

Gather your materials
and prepare your workspace

What You Will Need...

A Skull to Cast
Aluminum Foil
Mache' Mixture
Small Paintbrushes
Potty Paper
(Plain, 2-ply cheapie works best)
Condensed Coffee
Newspaper to cover your workspace

Cover your skull with foil, being careful to cover it completely and as smoothly as possible.
Make sure any special details such as eyes etc., are well defined.
For easier removal, fold the foil in half and then fold the folded edge over about 1/4".
Open it back up, leaving the 1/4" ridge raised up the middle.

Notice raised edgeLayer Mache' just up to the raised border

Using a small paintbrush, start applying the mache mixture over a portion of the foil. Get it good and wet and then lay a torn piece of potty paper or snot rag over the wet spot. You can press it down with your fingers or use the dry paintbrush to make sure the paper sticks. Continue applying the mache and paper over the top surface of your skull, over lapping edges and avoid covering the raised ridge.
You can apply about 3 layers before you should let it dry. I put it in the oven at about 150 degrees until itís dry enough to handle. Flip it over and cover the underside and let that dry.

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