Toxic Barrel Pop-Up

You can find a store to buy a barrel by searching with Yahoo Yellow Pages under "Barrels & Drums - Used"

Toxic Barrel Pop-up

Industrial air cylinder will be driven by pneumatic valve plumbed to 25psi compressed air

With 700W fog machine plumbed into barrel

Attachment to PVC cap to hold lid in place. PVC goes through center of styrofoam head with caps on both ends to hold head in place.

With 700W fog machine and green strobe light

I detailed the mask with glow-in-the-dark paints to highlight it under blacklight illumination.

Final assembly

Final assembly with flourescent signs. The printed out the signs and then used neon or GID paint to highlight the sign.

In Final Test with fog machine (700W)

Pneumatic control with 2 way NC Solenoid Valve, Reservior tank, bleed valve

Pneumatic control with 3 way NC Solenoid Valve, bleed valve on 3rd port of solenoid valve

Barrel re-designed to go with a castle, mideval theme.

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