Bloody Eyes Skull

I bought a Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton 50% off after Halloween. I glued rubber eyes into its eye sockets with holes drilled straight through. I used 1/4" tubing to connect the eyes to the aquarium pump (~$20). Be aware that aquarium pumps only will pump up so high. Placement of the cauldron to catch the red water will adjust the flow out of the eyes.

I used a small ultrasonic humidifier in the cauldron to give a fog effect, but the falling water disrupts the fog. I illuminated the skeleton with a black light and used a strobe light on the falling water. The falling water under a strobe light give a great effect.

AMERICAN SCIENCE/SURPLUS now sells an ultrasonic mist-maker module. Ask for #91463, Atomizer, $49.95 each

Compact Ultrasonic Humidifier

Bloody Eyes Skeleton Movie (300k)

2003 Redux

I remodeled this prop with a nicer $20 skeleton from

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