Rain Proof Black Light

For Illuminating Flourescent Tombstone Epitaphs

Option 1: UV LED (new 2006 recommendation)

GoldenPSX on ebay sells 18LED UV 110VAC spotlights for $9 including shipping

If you buy more than 1 you can get them for $7 each for combined shipping

The spot light holders come out in the Xmas gear about 2 weeks before Halloween for $4 each. Total for each spot $13

Option 2: Twisty Flourescent (2001 recommendation)

Designed for exposure during the month of October

Components: Outdoor garden fixture, Feit Flourescent Black light (Fry's), cone from motion sensor kit, 4" plumbing union connector, margarita glass

I had to use glass as front shield. A clear plastic cover would absorb the UV from the black light. I sheared off the margarita glass stem with an abrasive cut-off bit with my Dremel.

You can purchase the Feit flourescent blacklight from Fry's Electronics or www.Outpost.com

Side profile

Use clear bathroom calking for adhering the front glass shield, so you can pry it off if needed.

Front Black Light

The flourescent twist blacklight gives off a very strong glow!

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