Chris' Halloween Home-Built F/X Displays

Chris' Home-built Halloween F/X

Home Haunting in the East Bay (SF Bay) of California since 1996

Alameda County Food Drive / Yard Haunt 38642 Moore Dr in Fremont, CA

Bring your canned Food

2016 Hours Sunday Oct 30th 6-8pm, Monday Oct 31st 6-8:30pm

2016 theme is Pokemon Go


Working with compressed air, electricity, mechanical motors are all dangerous. Please be safe both for yourself and the Trick-or-Treaters

Bubbles and a Strobelight

Construction Details for Large UFO

Moving Head Up & Down

Axworthy Flying UFOs

Flying Ghost Projector

Rain-Proof Black Light

Spinning Skull Ghost

Flying Crank Ghost

Bloody Skull Eyes

Laser Show


Toxic Barrel Pop-Up

Popup Flower Pot Column

Simple Popup Guy

Canvas Castle Facade

4 Bar Skelly Lift

Grim Reaper Popup

Singing Skull Audio File Manipulation <�/a><�/p>

Skull Dot Room

Ceiling crawler

Giant Skull

Coffin popup

Adding hands to a Barrel Popup

Dragon Egg Popup

Bottomless Pit with a Scare

Canvas Pirate Ship

Pneumatic scarecrow

Fog Screen 2010

Harry Potter Pensieve 2011

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2013 Yard Haunt: Scooby Doo

2012 Yard Haunt: Alice in Wonderland

2010 Yard Haunt: Harry Potter

2009 Yard Haunt: Wizard of Oz

2008 Yard Haunt: Star Wars room

2007 Yard Haunt: Pirates

2006 Yard Haunt

2005 Yard Haunt

Sunol Elementary School HH 2005<�/a><�/p>

2004 Yard Haunt<�/a><�/p>

Sunol Elementary School HH 2004<�/a><�/p>

Halloween 2003 <�/a><�/font><�/b><�/p>

Halloween 2002 <�/a><�/font><�/b><�/p>


Send your project questions to Chris at

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The Monster List

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Haunted Summitview Drive

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