The Lamar Manor Sign
This year I wanted to update the Lamar Manor sign. Because I only have one actor in my haunt I needed a way to inform guests waiting out side of what was going on.
I wanted to construct an animated sign that could tell guests what to expect inside and that the Lamar's maid would soon escort them in.
I began my sign by butchering a Douglas Fir talking Christmas Tree. I mounted the mechanics for the eyes and mouth to a foam board.
Using scraps of foam I built up a basic shape for the face. I was going for a gargoyle type wall plaque motif. I made sure to incorporate the tree mechanics so they would look natural in the finished head. I also needed to make sure that the mechanics would have room to operate properly.
Here is the head after building up a layer of Crayola's Modeling Magic. This is the first time I used this compound. It is like a cross between clay and foam, and air dries. I like this material for this project because it is very light when dry. Since the tree mechanics can not handle much weight I needed to keep everything, especially the mouth very light.
After finishing up the head of the sign I made a frame to finish up the edges of the foam panel.
The frame was made from 1.5" insulation foam. To make the lettering for the sign I printed a pattern from my computer and then using an X-acto knife I cut each letter from 1/4" sheets of foam. I got this foam from a toilet insulation kit. To finish up I took some of the Crayola Magic and mixed it with water to make a thick creamy like substance.
I then coated the whole sign with this to seal and cover any seems and cracks. Then a good coat of black latex paint and a light spraying of Flex Stone spray paint.. To complete the sign I recorded the voice on the computer and enhanced it to sound creepy. When guests arrive at Lamar Manor the sign is activated from the computer to greet guests and inform them they will be let in soon by the Lamar's maide.

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