New Projects for 1998
Here are some of the projects I created for Lamar Manor "98". I tried to be as detailed as I could, but I still wanted to keep the pages short. If you have any quesitons on any of the projects please just ask. CONTACT
The story line is basically the same as last years. Since this was only the second year for Lamar Manor I wanted to reinforce the story line before moving on.
Things will go as follows this year. As guests approach the house they will view the grave yard . When they reach the door they notice a large sign that reads Lamar Manor with a gargoyle type face in the middle. The sign will then come to life and speak to the guests.
They are warned of the dangers within, then the maid opens the door and escorts them in.
They are seated on coaches covered in old sheets. At the far end of the room is an old stone fireplace. Over the mantel is an elegant portrait of the late Mrs. Lamar. On either side of the fireplace are book shelves full of old books. Seated in front is Mr. Lamar in his old arm chair.
The room is lit by several candelabras. Once the guests are seated Mr. Lamar awakes and gives his speech (same as last year). When finished a crash of lightning and the room goes dark.
A dim light high lights the book cases and the portrait of Mrs. Lamar. Suddenly the books begin to move and the fireplace bursts into flames. Then the portrait begins to bleed from a gash in its neck. More lightning and the room goes black. In the middle of the room a floating head appears. It is the ghost of Mrs. Lamar, she tells her tragic poem and lightning darkens the room again.
A blood curdling scream is heard and the candelabras magically re-light. The Lamar's maid serves a treat and the guests are escorted out.
Bleeding Portrait Mrs Lamar 98
Haunted Books Lamar Manor Sign

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