The Bleeding Portrait
To make The Bleeding Portrait first I found a picture I liked and scanned it into my computer. After a little retouching in Photoshop I printed it tilling it onto 7 sheets of paper. Then put the pieces together and spray glued them to a piece of foam core. Mix acrylic paint to match the colors in the painting to blend any seems. I made the frame from old cedar shingles.
I cut molding and shaped it with my dremel tool. For the cornices I first sculpted them in plastaline clay and made a plaster mold. I was originally going to mold them with instant paper mache but it did not work. I tried something a little strange. I pressed clay into the mold and made 4 identical cornices. Then mixed wood putty with water to make a creamy mixture.
I painted the clay with this giving it about 50-60 coats drying in-between. This produced a surprisingly hard finish. After a few coats of varnish I sprayed with copper and gold paint.
The painting is placed in the frame at a slight angle tipping in at the bottom. A long plastic container is mounted at the bottom of the frame in the back to catch the blood. In the container
I mounted a small pump the circulates the blood through a tube and out a gash I cut in the paintings neck.
Outlined in yellow are the side panels I attached to the sides of the painting. This helps to keep the painting tilted forward in the frame allowing the blood the flow down and into the tray.
This is the back of the painting. You can see the tube running from the pump to the gash.
The tray and pump assembly.
The blood for the the Bleeding Portrait is made from water, food coloring, and non-dairy creamer. I mixed 2 cups of hot water with one bottle of red food coloring and 4 drops of blue. Then I stired in 2 tablespoons of non-dairy creamer to make the mixture more opague. To make the blood flow off the painting I gave several coats of varnish and a final coat of Rain-X.

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