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An unusual or unexpected sight;
a ghostly figure.

Some humans that "go over" into the
are those who are no longer physically alive, but have become "stuck" for one reason or another.
Often they are confused about, or unaware, of their death.
Many attempt to maintain contact with the physical world through familiar people or places.
These are the ones we call "ghosts." Inhabitants are stuck because they are unable leave through their own resources.
The range of their free-will choices is extremely narrow.
They are typically alone and completely isolated from communication with other humans.
This can occur through the circumstances of their death or habitual patterns of thinking prior to death.

DOPPLEGÄNGER (dop-pel-gang-er)

When they meet...

From the German meaning 'double walker',
a "ghostly double" or "counterpart" of a living person. The belief that each person has an identical "twin" somewhere,
though not related, is a very ancient one.
Sometimes the Doppelgänger is completely opposite of the real person;
thus, nice person, evil Doppelgänger and vice-versa.
Legend says that if the two should meet, they will both die.

Banshees are spirits found in Celtic lore which appear to people as an omen
of impending death or often are only heard wailing loudly after someone has died.
Several reports say Ghost Dogs appeared in the form of an ordinary dog.
The term ‘Black dog’ is used to refer to apparitions of creatures which typically resemble black dogs though it is also often used as a generic term for canine apparitions of other colours and types. The term does not usually include apparitions of pets however. (Brown, 1978; Miller, 1984)

Imagine the scene, you are walking back to your house across the way, the moon is hidden from view by clouds as you trudge on to your destination. You climb over a fence into a field and as you turn around to continue on your way, you scream as a huge black dog with glowing red eyes comes bounding towards you out of the gloom. Stories such as this are suprisingly common and some of them notably ancient, enough to merit sitings of such creatures being in a class of their own in the ghost world. Ghostly Black Dogs have been seen throughout Britain with few counties being left unaffected, though the form and identity of the beast may differ. Apparitions of this sort may be distinguished from normal flesh and blood black dogs by features such as large or glowing eyes, sometimes only one, their ability to disappear or appear out of thin air or into and out of the ground, no head, two heads or the ability to change their size or appearance. The Demon association is sometimes emphasised by the title Devil Dog. In the south. This name for the hounds is widely used, but the origin also seems linked to the term Witch Hounds which is also common. Whether there is any connection between the two, one coming from the other is unknown. The names may just be referring to the fact that these dogs are often seen in wild country places.

Black Dog Folklore
In many places the dogs are seen as omens of death, to see one means either a vision of your own death or the death of a family member. In a case in 16th century Peterborough, a Black Dog entered two churches a few miles apart and killed several members of the congregation by burning and wringing of necks! Near Peterborough in the Neolithic/Bronze-Age site of Flag-Fen were found the bodies of dogs that had been ritually killed and dogs were found in a well attached to a Romano-Celtic temple site at Muntham Court near Findon, West Sussex, buried at the bottom of an 80 foot deep well. One of the supernatural associations the Dog had in Roman-Celtic mythology was with the underworld, in the case of Muntham Court this was made more pronounced by their burial in a ritual pit, which had underworld associations in itself. In ancient European folklore, the dog is seen as both the guardian and consumer of dead spirits, especially with the Wild Hunt where a pack of dogs with a master of the hunt flies through the sky looking for lost souls. Such a hunt has been witnessed at Ditchling Beacon. Various ancient gods associated with the underworld, hunting, birth and death are also associated with Dogs. Despite a generally bad press, many dogs are seen as helpful, leading lost travellers or protecting them from harm. The protection motif is sometimes also present when Black Dogs are beleived to guard treasure.

You have come to a remote area, one that you never knew existed.
"Nightmare,".."Moon Bridge " .."World Wide Web"...
it doesn't matter how you traveled here,
you ARE now here.
Looking around, you see a gate.
ENTER ...If you dare!!

To continue, enter the swinging gate.

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