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"In the 1930s Mamie Thurman was a local "black widow" here in Logan West Virginia, in the southeastern part of the state. She married men for their money, and then they died under unusual circumastances. She and her husbands are buried in the local Boy Scout camp, which is named after her. The six husbands have a basic headstone, but she is buried under an obelisk. She was found dead-with eighteen bullet wounds and multiple stab wounds, practically decapitated by a deep cut in her throat-on a mountain known only for its coal mine, Holden 22.

One theory is that she was killed by relatives of the men to whom she had been married, but it was more likely because she knew too much of the crime and corruption in Logan County and was in a position to blackmail influential members of a local swinger's club. Simply to close the case, her murder was pinned on a local black man who was not connected with Mamie at all.

People claim to see her ghost in the old coal company building on Holden 22, which is now long abandoned. The mountain has the dubious distinction of also being the site of a large coal-mine cave-in as well as the location of many lights seen in the woods at night."-PGJ

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