The Ring of Children and the Banshee
Tale From Ran Scot

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"The Texas county of Brazoria is home to more than a hundred erie things. If you take County Road 218 past the Primitive Satanist Church (wait, it gets worse) and turn right just before Dead Man's Curve, you will find yourself on a small country road with no name. A swamp lines one side of the road, with alligators, snakes, and about a foot of fog covering the ground. To your right are Spanish oaks, with moss hanging down to the ground.

At the end of the road you have to get out and walk about another half mile. You can't see your feet due to the fog, and there are wild noises coming from the forest. You'll arrive at an abandoned seventeenth-century Gothic church, with gargoyles and the whole bit, built by Spanish missionaries who were later killed and eaten by the local Indian tribe. The tombstones in the cemetery in the back are scorched because the Indians tried to burn them to the ground.

Now for the scary part-two sets of ghosts haunt the area. The first is the Ring of Children. The story goes that during the frontier days, a group of children were playing ring-around-the-rosy n the woods, when a black magic sect killed them. (Some say their descendants are still practicing at the Primitive Satanist Church up the road.) You can still see their ghosts if you and all your friends stand in the middle of the graveyard and play ring-around-the-rosy.

The second ghost, the Banshee, is rarely seen but often heard screaming in the woods. I have heard this-it sounds like a lady being strangled and screaming at the top of her lungs. My dad, who was with me, said it was a panther stalking us. Either way, we left immediately." -Ran Scot

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